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Interested in joining Groupon Singapore?

Groupon Singapores employees are its most valuable resource. With Groupons growth youll get opportunities, challenges and rewards that are hard to find in other companies. We like hard-working, self-motivated, charismatic and deal-loving folks – who dont take themselves too seriously, but who take what they do seriously. Foodies and socialites may apply. If you can sell heaters in Singapore or non-alcohol drinks during Australian happy hours, join us as we reinvent online marketing, local discovery and social commerce!

                                               Join us at Groupon Singapore!

If you think you have what it takes or would love to join us on this amazing journey, drop us an email at with your resume.

Here are the available positions

- Director of Sales – Consumer Goods. More info

- APAC City Planner-Travel. More info. More Info

Read about our different departments right here!

- Business Development and Sales
- City Planner
- Customer Service
- Editorial
- Finance
- Merchant Support
- Logistics Team
- Redemption Team
Groupon APAC Travel Team
Groupon Internship Programme

Business Development and Sales

If this were a Star Wars movie you would be the bringer of the light. The iron-pumping light-sabre-wielding Jedi who doesn’t let anything any less than a 5 star deal through. It’s a high call, but you’re proud to be part of the elite bunch. And you show our merchants why they should be on our side, to work with us to put together more exciting deals for the deserving good folks of the universe.

Not many people can say this in their lifetime but I love working in Groupon because it offers me both job satisfaction and friendships that will last for a long while. Groupon has a supportive senior management team and offers me huge career opportunities. Also, I’m not sure if I can say this here but Groupon pays handsomely as well! ;)”
Groupon rocks.
- Amelia 

Besides having this wondrous opportunity to be part of the world’s phenomenon, it is a great honour to be working with exceptional and amazing characters, led by inspiring and cool bosses. I have been officially Grouponized.”
- Lanny 

Groupon has been a life changing experience. Working with great colleagues, supportive bosses have catapulted my maturity in a business environment and enhanced my learning curve in ways I didn’t expect. It is definitely a place to be in. I have been offered many high paying positions in large banks and MNCs, I would choose Groupon over them, wait for it… anytime”.
- Reuben -

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City Planners

What’s a variety of delicacies without a full banquet sequence strategically planned and decisively executed? Like Master Chefs, you make sure there will always be something cookin’ for everyone by deciding on the deals slated to go up daily. Because of you, our customers are fed to satisfaction, yet somehow find themselves hungry for more. That means you play a crucial role in keeping the company going and growing.

Cityplanning. Not the most common of job titles, neither is it the most common of jobs. It requires quick thinking, a good memory, and a positive attitude to constant learning. From honing my skills at planning, to be resourceful in difficult circumstances, I have gained so much experience from working in Groupon. Being part of this vibrant community has allowed me to be a teamplayer as well as grow as an individual person and I hope to continue on this journey of knowledge."
- Denise

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Customer Service

You’re the smooth operator who melts bread into butter without needing the help of our local weather. You bear the weight of our customers’ problems with ease and eagerness, and it makes your day when you make theirs. Because of you, our customers know they’re always in good hands.

Entering the Groupon Singapore office every morning is always something to look forward to. The work environment’s very exciting and always buzzing with activity. And while everyone’s serious when it comes to their work, we don’t forget to have fun at the same time. I personally love the fresh green walls and décor (my favourite colour!) and of course, who wouldn’t love receiving first-hand information of the best deals and things to do, see, eat and buy around the city? Thanks Groupon, for providing me with an experience that I’m sure others are envious of!"
- Wenbin

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Editorial Team

Like Tinker Bell from the childhood story Peter Pan, you sprinkle magic dust on every word. You’re witty and original, and you make no apologies for being this funny. You look at pictures with a discerning eye and sensitivity towards what people will like to see in a rose-tinted world. And like a prideful skilled carpenter, you outdo yourself every day, striking a perfect balance between being creative and detailed.

Much like how a residential address at Queen Astrid Park rakes in the most rent in a game of Monopoly, the Groupon name card is also prime real estate that induces one of two reactions when showed in public – enthusiastic inquisition for upcoming secret deals or feigned smiles of jealousy. But, scratch the green surface and one will be amazed that a job at Groupon isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Words may be cheap, but the wordsmiths in Groupon are tasked to make them smell like an aromatic Tom Yam firepot or induce stress-busting laughter. Despite singing to a different tune - we call it the Groupon Voice, the editorial team is adept at waxing lyrical, both in the office and at the karaoke lounge. That says a lot for a company that runs 24/7; we are as fun as we are serious about making great deals happen."
- Izad

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As an eagle eyes its prey, you keep our treasure chest in check so not even the midnight gremlins steal past your watchful gaze with our hard-earned fortune. Each month you ensure the pay slips are in order and dole them out with precision and trustworthiness to the rest of us, who will willingly do anything for you as long as it puts us in your good (cheque) books.

It is fun to work with interesting people. Colleagues are full of vitality. Working environment is fun and cosy like a big family. Very new industry with lots of new things to learn."
- Shin Yu

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Merchant Support

Like a philosopher, you know that the whole is greater than the sum of all parts. And that is why you care about our merchants’ wellbeing and business concerns. You’re part of the team that will make our partners feel at ease, so they are eager to provide us with what we will need to make every deal a winner. And then they will work again, and again, and again with us.

It has been great working on a team with people who are young, dynamic and fun. I learn a lot from my co-workers and my young bosses are an inspiration. I also appreciate the amazing track record Groupon has made so far. I personally like coming to work because I like the people I work with. There are always challenges but we support one another, all in the benefit of the company. Groupon is successful because of the people who work here. We are a Great Team"
- Cindy

Youthful and dynamic, that is what we are at Groupon. It is a challenge liaising with merchants and being the middleman between departments, but you will never feel left behind. We have brilliant and friendly people here in the team that allow you to progress fast while having lots of fun."
- Jasmine and Rachel

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Logistic Team

You’ll be the first to notice the missing parcel under the Christmas tree and have it ready before the party begins. Like an expert dealer with an eye for detail, you delight in servicing customers who either make their way to us to collect their purchases, or opt for delivery. And when they come knocking, your preoccupation with reliable logistical services delivers said items sealed with professionalism and stamped with trust.

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Redemption Team

After all’s been said and done, our merchants need to be paid and your role allows these transactions to come to pass. You’re careful and efficient with rewarding them with their due earnings, regardless of scale and complexity. Your dexterity in handling payments is like putting the final frosting on a cake – when our partners are happy with these win-win profit-making situations, it is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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Groupon APAC Travel Team

You’re the expert fishers who cast the nets further and remind everyone that the world is our oyster. You see the unmatched beauty in a beach, the precocious development of a city and the treasures behind historical ruins. Hotels and travel agencies will work with you because you share their passion for bringing people and cities together and it starts with a flight ticket or room stay – at an amazing price you make possible.

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Groupon Internship Programme

When they tell you how life is a box of chocolates and that you never know what you’ll get, they probably didn’t realize how much wisdom is packed in this phrase. As an intern, you get to try a myriad of job scopes. You look forward to newness, challenges, and working as a team. The best part: your duties are not like old and forgotten library books on loan – they will be given to you so you get to make them yours.

Here in Groupon, I do not do intern work, but rather am given a positional role. This has allowed me to gain a true working experience. Colleagues respect me professionally, and are always ready to teach and guide you, if you are willing to learn. I am grateful to have been offered such an opportunity. Even after 6 weeks, I feel that I am better equipped to handle the working world."
- Jeric

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Quality Assurance Team

Obsessed with greatness, you trawl the streets of Singapore with your eyes and hands, sussing out what make the best deals in town so our customers know they can always find the best in us. You leave no stone unturned with your depth of research, competitor analyses and insights. It is important to possess a keen nose - helps in sniffing the prime grade beef from the spare parts.

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Working in Groupon is the best experience one can ever get and I’m glad I got the opportunity to be part of this fantastic company. Not only do you get to work with awesome colleagues, I dare to say we have the coolest bosses around! The company is always filled with laughter and joy and everyone takes pride in whatever they do. The QA team always ensure that no other deals are better than what we have to offer. Therefore, be sure that Groupon is always your first choice for cheap and good deals!
- Alethia